Friends from four different countries – Japan, the UK, Mongolia and Korea – came together to create Tanilag, a socially-conscious design brand for the global market. Geared towards intelligent, refined and sophisticated women, Tanilag is composed of a prestigious design team of Central Saint Martin’s graduates as well as sales and marketing experts from across Asia. Our manufacturing is based in Japan and also in Mongolia, where we aim to help reduce the high rate of poverty. We train and educate locals to work in our manufacturing division with the aim of boosting the local economy. Our priority is to remain socially responsible by using materials that are environmentally friendly and by donating a portion of our proceeds to initiatives that support children in underdeveloped countries such as Mongolia.


Our original brand launched with the cooperation of our factory in Japan, with the goal of producing 100% in Mongolia, establishing a small factory locally for four years. While living locally, Tanilag worked with locals from Mongolia and worked in production management. However, we found that Mongolia lacked materials and material procurement is extremely difficult in countries where distribution channels has not been established yet. In order to continue manufacturing while training the artisans we formed a team with young designers from the University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins College (Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) from, attempts for product development were all part of trial and error.
As well as England and Japan, another country to support the society and production in Mongolia, is South Korea . The trade business with Mongolia that relies on distribution channels that are limited, is supported by South Korea which offers more geographically reliable channels as opposed to Japan. The planning team in England and Japan proposes many materials, colors, and designs with the teams in Korea, and Mongolia produces prototypes in a small factory located in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar city. The back story is to direct the way for opportunities to work to the people of developing countries in order to enable self-supporting, self-help while proposing a richer lifestyle through fashion. The innovative designs generated from teams in four countries, wants to focus on products that can be used in the long term and focus on what is good design, functionality and durability for regular use and long term use. In order to protect the axis of the brand, we aim to market only products with a high degree of perfection and to differentiate itself from similar companies and similar products in markets of Japan and elsewhere. At Tanilag, we have a belief that each of our young employees has an entrepreneurial spirit, each of which can grow from operating activities to a manager by acting responsibly, to start his career from training and practice in harsh environments such as this leads to growth in human resources which allows them to understand and express our brand correctly.


At Tanilag, our customers can use their purchasing power to make a difference. we hope to be a company that makes it possible to contribute to society yourself while enjoying shopping and bringing about change in society .